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Hello Knuckle Draggers! (KD’s for short) This group came to life about 4 years ago when a young traveler by the name of Nathan Metzler moved to South Lake Tahoe. He wanted to start a group to meet new people in the area. As an avid snowboarder, like most of us (all snow sports alike), the first people in the group were ones he met while out snowboarding at the resorts. Friends would post to the group to find out who is riding where, to car pool, parking lot BBQs etc. The name Knuckle Draggers popped up and just stuck. Its what skiers use to call the wild snowboarders of the 80s and 90s and still 2000s

This group is for the people who live around South Lake Tahoe. This is your one stop page for events that are happening, Ski conditions, traffic accidents, gatherings, etc. Need a ride somewhere? Questions about where to eat. Need help with something? Who is doing what on this beautiful day? etc. Post it all here. Its a live town blog/forum. Community helping one another. We are all Knuckle Draggers in our own way and call this little paradise home.

**((Remember, Please only add yourself to the group if you live around South Lake Tahoe or the group will not work!If your Facebook does not say that you live here in or around South Lake Tahoe we cannot add you. If you feel like you belong or are moving to South Lake Tahoe send on of us a personal message explaining your reasoning))**

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